The Royal College of General Practitioners

Get Medical Students to Destination GP

Tell your MP to fund work experience placements in general practice for medical students.
GPs are the frontline of the NHS, with more than 90% of patient interaction taking place within primary care. GPs carry out more than 1 million patient consultations every day.

We need students to choose to be GPs to make sure you can see a GP when you need to. 

The Royal College of General Practitioners and the Medical Schools Council commissioned research for a report Destination GP which found three quarters of students hear negative things about general practice by their 5th year of medical school.

By writing to your MP calling on them to support RCGP's call for funding for work experience placements you can help ensure GPs have the resources and support to provide high quality patient care and inspire the next generation of GPs. 

When you click through you can edit a draft letter with your own personal experiences and share how important general practice is to you.