Keep up the pressure for general practice

Now is a critical moment for general practice in Northern Ireland. While patients struggle to access appointments they need, GPs experience increasing workload pressures from a growing population, with 93% of family doctors agreeing that their heavy workload affects their ability to deliver high quality patient care. The service desperately needs a rethink and increased investment.

Fortunately this work has already been done and the government has issued its own GP Led Working Group Report which lays out a rescue plan for general practice and we've already persuaded the Minister to consider this report. Now please help make sure she prioritises the right issues by writing to your MLA and asking them to get in touch with the Health Minister.

If you are a GP, you might want to include information about how your own surgery is stretched, or the improvements you’d like to see. If you are a patient, why not explain how general practice is important to you.

Editing your letter makes it much stronger because it means each argument is different and each new experience from you gives MLAs more evidence to send to the Minister.