Transforming general practice

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas! GPs and patients are joining together to ask "Santa" (in this case the Welsh Government) for firm commitments to protect general practice. 

In October, AMs pledged an additional £240m for health in this year's Budget. Help us make sure this goes where it's most needed by sending this letter to your Assembly Member to let them know how important the steps laid out in Transform General Practice are to the future of general practice, and to help push them to make the practical changes needed for the GP workforce and our patients.

To make your letter more effective, please add some of your own experiences. After the first paragraph (ending “increasing") we have left space for you to tell your MP about the situation where you are. How long is the wait to see a GP? What are your surgery's premises like? How could things be improved?

Stories are what pull at emotions and change minds.