What is needed to help Scottish general practice?

Last year, you sent us questions to put to Shona Robison, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport. Many of you raised your concerns around funding, the shortage of GPs and wider primary care team, rising workloads and increasing demand.

Ms Robison and her team sent us a detailed response which highlighted that the Scottish Government will be investing £500 million by the end of this Parliament to support a shift in approach to multi-disciplinary teams, with increased staffing as well as investment in GP services and health centres.

Other initiatives include increased support for general practice through the £85 million Primary Care Fund (announced in 2015), the development of the GP Occupational Health Service scheme, removal of the Quality Outcomes Framework and supporting clusters. The Cabinet Secretary will also consider how the sustainability of practices could be improved, particularly in relation to managing workload pressures.

On 15 March we will meet the Cabinet Secretary again to discuss the difficulties facing general practice and, most importantly, how we can solve them. We need to ensure that the Scottish Government delivers what is needed for general practice and that investment gets to the frontline in order to protect high quality services for all patients.

We know that you are the experts in the challenges you face and are best placed to help us identify solutions. So please let us know what action you think is needed to ease the pressures facing general practice in the ’comment‘ box below. We’ll put as many of your comments as we can to Shona Robison and her team.

We’re looking forward to seeing your responses and ideas!

We will put as many questions as we can to the Cabinet Secretary. Data will be processed by Organic Campaigns and held under their privacy policy. Acknowledgements.